PLC Splitter Mini Module

PLC Splitter Mini Module
Class: PLC Splitter Module
Model: PLC Splitter Mini Module

1x4,1x8,1x16,1x32,and 1x64, 2x4,2x8,2x16,2x32,and 2x64 are available; Stainless steel package

PDF Download: PLC Mini Module

Key Features

Compact Size

900um Input and Output

Fan-out Type Available

Compact package Convenient for Small Application & High Density Areas

Telcordia GR-1209 & GR-1221-CORE Compliant

Jacketing Material Rated to -40 to +85 degree Celsius Operating Temperature

Bend Insensitive G657A fiber

Low Insertion Loss and PDL

High Polarization Extinction Ratio & Excellent Uniformity

Offer Unique Designs and Configurations & Support Industry Standard Applications



FTTx Deployments (GPON/BPON/EPON)


Access/Metro Networks

Long Haul Telecommunications