USB3.0 Active Optical Cable

USB3.0 Active Optical Cable
Class: Active Optical Cable
Model: UOC-2000 Series

USB3.0 Active Optical Cable key feature:

◆ Extends USB 3.0 super speed devices up to 100 m over fiber optics

◆ Supports all USB 3.0 device types: control, interrupt, bulk and

 isochronous at up to 5 Gbps

◆ Operates with USB 3.0 super speed host controllers

◆ Plug and Play

◆ Supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

◆ Number of devices can be increased using additional hubs

◆ Remote unit require standard power to USB AOC port

◆ Power adapter at host is not required

◆ Ideal for a wire variety of USB devices, from printer, scanners, hard

 drives,and audio devices, to touch screens and web cams



◆ Industrial Control ◆ KVM Extension

◆ Digital Signage ◆ Remote Desktop USB 3.0 Connections

◆ Home Network Integration ◆ Security: web camera, access control

◆ Medical Device Connectivity ◆ USB 3.0 Device Sharing: print, scan, storage